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The Mediation Center helps youth get back on track at home, school, and in the community by resolving conflict and building interpersonal skills.  Services are provided in Henderson and Transylvania Counties.


When youth are involved in a conflict with a peer, teacher, parent, or community mediator, mediation can help resolve the conflict at hand while also building skills in conflict resolution, moral reasoning, and anger control. More than 90% of youth who participate in mediation resolve their conflict and stick to the agreement.

Commonly mediated conflicts include physical fights, verbal disagreements, interpersonal conflicts, hurt feelings, property damage, parent/teen conflict, teen/teacher conflict, theft, and friendship problems.

Guided Problem Solving

Guided Problem Solving is a one-on-one service for at-risk youth to develop skills in conflict resolution, anger control, problem solving, and moral reasoning through structured activities and conversation.   A mediator/facilitator meets individually with youth for 8 to 12 sessions to build skills and address specific issues.  At the beginning of the process, youth develop goals for addressing challenges and learning skills.

Guided Problem Solving can address issues with academic performance, school attendance, peer relationships, parent/teacher relationships, and frequent suspensions. To participate in Guided Problem Solving, youth must meet risk criteria.  Referring professionals can get in touch us at youth@mediatewnc.org to learn more about risk criteria.

Interpersonal Skills Groups

A weekly skills-based programs for court-involved youth.   Groups follow the evidence-based the Aggression Replacement Training model, which is endorsed by the federal Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention for reducing juvenile recidivism and decreasing problem behavior. Youth learn skills in conflict resolution, moral reasoning, anger control, and social interaction.  

Youth Leading for Peace

Everyone needs conflict resolution skills. This classroom based program helps youth improve relationships with peers, parents, teachers and community members. Strong relationships improve school attendance, school success, and reduce conflict at home.

Contact us at youth@mediatewnc.org for more information.