Family Mediation

Read about how mediation works.

What issues are commonly discussed in family* mediation?

    Parenting Issues –  Developing a parenting schedule, discussing where children will live, and how the parents will share responsibilities and decision making.  You may use mediation to work out an initial parenting plan or to work out changes to an existing plan.
    Property Division – Planning how material assets and debts will be shared.
    Support – Child support and/or spousal support.
    Adult Child/Elder Parent – Discussions about living arrangements, medical care, and associated transitions.
    Rebuilding Relationships – After family members have been separated  due to deployment, school, incarceration, or extended medical/substance abuse treatment  mediation can help families re-establish relationships, resolve past conflict, and make a plan for the future.

*We happily serve same-sex, opposite-sex, traditional, and non-traditional families for all Mediation Center services, and we want your family to feel welcome and comfortable.  Let us know how we can help and don’t hesitate to call or e-mail with questions.

What is the result of mediation?

At the end of mediation, your mediator will type up your joint decisions and provide each party with a copy of the agreement via e-mail or postal mail.  If you choose, you can then work with an attorney to have your agreement filed with the court.  In the case of separation or child custody, an attorney can prepare a Separation Agreement, or possibly a court order for a judge to sign.

Family Mediation

“I think the best thing was the ability to communicate in a safe environment where it was more structures. I felt more heard–and during the process, I learned what I wanted/ needed & was better able to communicate that on behalf of myself and my son.”

Commonly Asked Questions
How much does a family mediation session cost?

Family mediation services are $150 per person per session.  Sessions generally last 2 hours.  Each person pays individually based on their household income.   If you are unable to pay this amount, we offer a sliding scale fee for parties who complete an application and qualify based on their income.  For more information, please refer to our Family Mediation Fee Information. To access a Fee Reduction application, CLICK HERE.

How do I make an appointment?

For more information or to schedule mediation, email or call our Intake Specialist at (828) 251-6089 ext. 214.

Once a parenting plan or separation mediation has been scheduled, how do I prepare?

If you are coming to mediation to discuss separation, divorce, or parenting plans, the following documents may be useful to review prior to your mediation appointment:



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