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Our Buncombe County Services Are Moving

This summer, our services in Buncombe County will be offered in two new locations. Our community mediation services will move just down the road into a private suite in United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County’s building. Our Family Visitation Program (FVP) will relocate to a house at Haw Creek Commons. Your support will transform these new spaces into the perfect homes for our family visitation and community mediation services.

Why the Move?

Our current Buncombe County office on North French Broad in the downtown gateway area has been our space for the past 15 years. During that time, we have seen floods, plumbing issues, and more. In February, we learned that our lease renewal would include a 50 percent increase to the monthly base rent and would take away our designated parking spaces, an essential safety feature for family visitation and safe exchange services. While we are grateful for the work we have been able to do in our current space, it is time for a change.

After conducting extensive research and networking with community partners, we found two new locations for our Buncombe County services. Both of these spaces are wheelchair accessible and conveniently located on Asheville Rides Transit bus routes.

New Location for Community Mediation

Our community mediation services will move down the road from our current offices, into United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County’s office on South French Broad Avenue. There, we will operate from a cost-effective, private office suite, which will include a mediation room with a large conference table and comfortable chairs. At this new site, we will be near multiple community partners. We are excited about the new opportunities for collaboration and community outreach that will arise in this new location.

New Location for the Family Visitation Program

Our Family Visitation Program (FVP) will move into the former parsonage at Haw Creek Commons, a friendly and welcoming location in East Asheville. We are excited to transform this house into a home for FVP.

Our first priority is safety. Thus, we need to make several minor building modifications to ensure the space will function safely as a site of family visitation. For example, we will replace the exterior doors with more secure options, secure window coverings for privacy, and ensure that the building’s structural layout will keep parents safely apart. After making necessary security updates, we want to make sure the space is functional and comfortable. We need to install essential items like baby changing tables and child-safe shelving to ensure that our space meets the needs of our families. Additionally, we will create clean, welcoming spaces for parents and their children to sit and talk, play games, and make snacks to share.

How Can You Help?

You can make a one-time donation by mail or online. Our online portal allows you to donate one time or to set up a recurring donation if you prefer.

The Impact of Your Gift

Your gift will make our new Buncombe County offices safe, functional, and comfortable spaces for community mediation and family visitation. Each year, we provide more than 600 supervised visits and safe exchanges to over 50 families, including more than 80 children. More than 150 people access our community mediation services.

Specifically, your donation will:

  • Promote peace and safety for families and community members
  • Create warm, welcoming environments for our services
  • Make our FVP spaces child-safe and child-friendly
  • Establish efficient service operations in our new offices
  • Ensure a seamless transition in our services as we navigate the move
Your $100 Gift could become…Your $500 gift could become…Your $750 Gift could become…Your $1,000 gift could become…Your $2,500 gift could become…
-Games, toys, and books that reflect the diverse cultures and languages of the families we serve
-Wall art
-One bulletin board
-Window coverings for one room
-A water and coffee station for clients
-Secure locks on the two exterior doors of the FVP building
-Two childproof visit rooms
-A durable chair for parent waiting room
-A small desk and chair for a visit monitor
-Technology set-up for efficient operation
-A locking storage cabinet for supplies
-Sturdy, child-safe shelving for supplies, toys, and games
-A mini kitchenette area where families can prepare snacks together
-A durable rug
-A large wall-mounted TV to use as a screen during mediation
-One of the two baby changing tables needed for FVP and their safe installation
-A comfortable and easily cleanable sofa
-A whiteboard for the new mediation room
-Comfortable chairs for three people
-A conference table that fits the shape and size of the new mediation space
-Six comfortable chairs for the mediation room
-Building modifications to the new FVP building to keep parents apart

Opportunities for Sponsorship

You can learn all about our opportunities for sponsorship here. If you, your business, or someone you know might be interested in sponsorship opportunities for our new Family Visitation Program or community mediation spaces, reach out to us for more information about our packages. You can call (828) 251-6089 x219 or email info@mediatewnc.org.