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Conflict is a natural, inevitable, and necessary part of life.

At The Mediation Center, we are committed to helping people resolve conflicts. Everyone experiences conflict at some point in their life. Conflicts may arise at work, home, and/or within the community. At times, people need help to resolve conflicts. Mediation is one important resource for peaceful conflict resolution.

About Mediation

During mediation, participants search for a mutually-accepted resolution to a conflict. A trained, neutral third-party is present as a valuable resource for the individuals and/or groups in conflict. Mediation is a non-judgmental and confidential process. Participation in mediation is always voluntary.

Mediation acts as a powerful tool, transforming conflict into opportunity.

Still have questions about the process of mediation? You can learn more about mediation on our Frequently Asked Questions webpage. In addition, you can contact our Community Mediation Coordinator with your questions or concerns.

I appreciated the opportunity to have a neutral party help us through these issues. The questions helped to guide us through what we needed to accomplish.

Mediation Participant
Our Mediation Services

Through our mediation services, The Mediation Center helps individuals, youth, families, and community groups find workable solutions. We provide mediation services for a wide variety of community and family conflicts. Additionally, we offer Medicaid Mediation, as well as mediation of organizational and large group conflicts.

Our mediation services are free of charge for individuals. However, there may be a charge for conflict resolution services involving businesses and organizations. Please reach out to us for more information about how our mediation services can help you move through difficult and stressful conflict.

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For more information about our mediation services, call (828) 251-6089 x214, e-mail communitymediation@mediatewnc.org, or contact us here:

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The Mediation Center welcomes community members regardless of race, color, ethnicity, religion, nation of origin, family status, immigration status, history of incarceration, disability, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity.