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Community and Family Mediation

At The Mediation Center, we offer relationship-focused mediation services for individuals, families, and community members. Mediation is an effective strategy for finding peaceful resolutions to conflict. With the help of a trained, non-judgmental mediator, participants move through conflict towards an agreement for how to proceed.

About Mediation

Mediation is voluntary. All parties must agree to participate in the mediation process. 

It is your choice whether or not to participate in a mediation. You can decide to come to a mediation session. Throughout the process, you choose to stay in the room and engage in the discussion. Any and all decisions you make during a mediation are yours alone. The mediator will not pressure you to reach an agreement. 

Mediation is confidential. Information disclosed during the mediation process will not be shared.

With few exceptions, mediation is confidential. You can trust that the mediator will not reveal any information shared during a mediation with anyone outside of the mediation process. The exceptions to a mediation’s confidentiality include the mandatory reporting issues of elder abuse, child abuse, or credible threats of violence against oneself or others. 

Mediation is non-judgmental. The mediator won’t decide who is right or wrong and won’t tell you what to do.

If you choose to participate in mediation, the mediator will listen to your explanation of the conflict, asking clarifying questions to work on understanding. Then, the mediator will guide the parties through a process to develop a workable solution. If an agreement is reached, the mediator will help write out what you agreed to. The mediator will not give advice, make suggestions, tell you what to do, or decide who or what is right or wrong.

Still have questions about Mediation? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. 

Mediation Services for Community Members and Families

Our mediation services can help as individuals, families and community groups navigate a variety of conflicts including:

  • Neighborhood conflicts – related to animal sounds and other noise, boundary lines, trespassing, shared expenses, etc.
  • Family conflicts* – related to elder care, house rules, shared bills, communication styles, child/parent relationship, etc.
  • Landlord/tenant conflicts – related to repairs, payment of rent, noise, guests, property damage, etc.
  • Roommate conflicts – related to use of space, noise, guests, communication styles, shared expenses, etc.
  • Friendship conflicts – related to communication styles, expectations, violations of trust, etc.
  • Workplace conflicts – related to use of space, noise, communication styles, division of tasks, joint business ventures, group working relationships, etc.
  • Financial conflicts – related to money, goods, services, debt, repayment, joint business ventures, etc.

Our mediation services are free of charge for individuals. There may be a fee for businesses or organizations that request our mediation services. If you have questions about our mediation services or their cost, contact our Community Mediation Coordinator. 

*An important note: We do not provide mediation for separating or divorcing couples who need a custody/visitation or equitable distribution agreement or those who wish to change an existing agreement on file with the court. If you need mediation for these types of issues, see the following links to find a mediator who specializes in these areas: The North Carolina Child Custody and Visitation Mediation Program (free and available to those with a pending custody action); North Carolina Association of Professional Family Mediators; and The Dispute Resolution Commission’s list of Family Financial Mediators.

Get In Touch

To learn more about our mediation services or to share information about a conflict you are navigating, call our Community Mediation Coordinator at (828) 251-6089 ext. 214 or email communitymediation@mediatewnc.org