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Our History

Barbara Ann Davis, founding executive director

For over three decades, The Mediation Center has sought to create opportunity from conflict in Western North Carolina. Throughout the organization’s history, The Mediation Center has remained committed to finding peaceful resolution to conflict, serving communities of WNC, and fulfilling our mission.

Since 1984…

The Mediation Center was founded in Buncombe County in 1984. The organization aimed to provide an avenue for community members to resolve interpersonal conflict outside of the court system. Like today, in its early years, the organization trained volunteer and staff mediators to provide impartial support for community members navigating conflict.

Barbara Ann Davis was the founding executive director of the Mediation Center from 1984 to 1992, outreach director from 1992 to 1997, and a faithful volunteer community mediator in the years that followed. Davis and many other community members throughout the years shaped The Mediation Center into an organization committed to spreading peace across WNC and the world through peaceful conflict resolution.

1993 TMC Staff
The Mediation Center Staff, 1993

Over the years, services have expanded to include mediation of family issues and conflict resolution skills training. In 2008, we absorbed the Family Visitation Center, which provides supervised visitation and exchange.

In 2011, The Mediation Center came together with the Dispute Settlement Center of Henderson and Polk Counties and the Center for Dialogue of Transylvania County to form a more efficient and sustainable regional organization. 

Today, The Mediation Center offers services to communities in Buncombe, Transylvania, Henderson, and Polk counties. Over the past two years, The Mediation Center has served over 900 people in Western North Carolina. In addition to mediation services, The Mediation Center provides family visitation, family exchange, community conflict resolution, and training services. 

Our Team
The Mediation Center Staff, 2018