Family Visitation

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The Family Visitation Program provides supervised visitation and safe exchange services. We serve parents and children who have experienced or been impacted by intimate partner violence, stalking, sexual assault, or child sexual abuse.  

Our goal is to make sure visits and exchanges are safe for everyone involved.  We also aim to help parents establish and maintain positive relationships with their children 

We offer two services: 
  • Supervised Visits – During supervised visits, children spend time with their non-custodial parent in our secure facility. A trained Visit Monitor stays in the room for each visit to ensure safety and provide support. Visit Monitors also provide support to visiting parents as needed.  We can provide one, one-hour visit per family per week. Participating children generally live with one of their parents and visit with the other. We can’t provide visits for foster care. 
  • Safe Exchange – Safe exchange allows children to move between parents without the parents having contact with each other.  Exchanges can help parents who have shared custody but can’t or don’t want to see each other.

We focus on the safety of parents and children at every step. Some clients seek us out on their own. Others may have court orders for visitation or exchange. We understand that visits and exchanges may come with physical or emotional risk.  To help with this, our services eliminate any contact between parents. Our staff follow detailed and standardized safety procedures. Additionally, we work on a case-by-case basis to ensure that we meet the unique needs of our clients. In doing so, we prevent ongoing violence, abuse, and trauma for adults and children. 

We Serve Families in Buncombe, Henderson, and Transylvania Counties in the following locations:
Henderson County
(828) 697-7055
103 South Grove Street
Hendersonville, NC 28792
Fax: (828) 697-8528
Transylvania County
(828) 697-7055
By appointment at The Children’s Center
95 S. Johnson St.
Brevard, NC 28712
Buncombe County
(828) 251-6089
40 N French Broad Ave. Suite B
Asheville, NC 28801
Fax: (828) 232-5140

How FVP Works:

The parents we serve never have contact with one another during visits or exchanges. Our staff coordinates the visits and communicates with each parent on their own. During visits or exchanges, parents never have contact with each other. Parents arrive and leave at staggered times and use separate parking areas, entry ways, and waiting spaces. 

Our FVP staff follow our safety and operational protocols. Visit monitors are always present during supervised visitation and escort children during safe exchanges. Visit Monitors take objective notes about what happens at FVP. A second staff person is on-site at all times. Our offices have video camera systems, which are monitored throughout the visit. 

We serve families of all backgrounds and types. We know each family is different. We want to meet your family’s unique needs. 

We understand the vulnerability and stresses associated with visits and exchanges. FVP provides support for parents so that they won’t need to involve friends or family members. It can be hard to find someone who both parents agree is a neutral third party.  

Services occur in bright rooms filled with toys, games, snacks, and crafts. Our staff is sensitive to your child’s needs. We want to make each child’s experience safe and positive. 

Learn More

If you would like to refer a client, learn more, or become a client, get in touch: 

Phone: (828) 251-6089 ext. 422


Once we hear from you, we will set up separate intake appointments with each parent. Intake appointments take about two hours. During that time, we will listen, answer questions, give a tour of the facility, and go over program rules and procedures. After both parents have completed intake, visits or exchanges can begin.