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The Family Visitation Program believes every child should have an opportunity to form positive, healthy relationships with both parents or caregivers, despite any previous conflicts.

The Family Visitation Program provides supervised visitation and safe child exchange at our Henderson and Buncombe County Locations for families with concerns about domestic violence, substance abuse, child abuse or neglect, mental health concerns, or high-conflict custody disputes.

Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange are:

  • Safe – Offered in a secure environment, generally with a security officer present
  • Peaceful – Parents have no contact with each other while using services
  • Convenient – Services are available on weekdays in the afternoon/evening and on Saturday mornings.
  • Child friendly – Bright rooms are filled with toys, games, snacks, and art supplies for kids of all ages.  Take a look!
  • Respectful – Staff and volunteers understand the stress and conflict associated with your situation.

We are a child-focused service which provides a safe and comfortable place for parents and children to build positive relationships. Services are designed to minimize the effects of conflict between parents, without putting children and families at risk for maltreatment, conflict, and violence.

To get started, call or e-mail

  • Buncombe County – Donna Snyder –  (828) 251-6089 ext. 420
  • Henderson County  – Gina McTigue – (828) 697-7055 ext. 106

When you call, we will set up and intake appointment for you. Intake appointments take about 2 hours. During the intake appointment, we will listen, answer questions, give you a tour, and go over the how the program works.   Each parent or guardian attends intake separately. After both parents have completed intake, visits can begin.  It generally takes up to 4 weeks for both parents to complete intake and start visits, so make your intake appointment as soon as you are ready.

You can pay for Family Visitation Program Services here:

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