(828) 251-6089 info@mediatewnc.org 40 N French Broad Ave

Sometimes people need help to resolve conflicts. The Mediation Center helps individuals, youth, families, and community groups find workable solutions.

Mediation is non-judgmental, confidential, and voluntary.

For conflicts between individuals, there is no charge.  There may be a charge for conflicts involving businesses and organizations.

We provide mediation for a wide variety of community and family conflicts, in addition, we offer prison re-entry mediation, Medicaid mediation, services for youth, and meeting and retreat facilitation.

Please call (828) 251-6089 x214, e-mail communitymediation@mediatewnc.org, or contact us here:

We will respond to your message within 2 business days.

The Mediation Center welcomes community members regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, family status, immigration status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender.