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Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

The Mediation Center offers a variety of meeting and retreat facilitation services that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your organization, business, or community group. Our facilitators have years of experience making sure that all voices are heard, keeping group meetings on track within time allotted, handling conflicts as they arise, and energizing the group throughout the session to complete their goals. 

Whether you need a facilitator or process-designer for a board retreat or a moderator for a heated community meeting, our mediators are trained to help. An outside facilitator brings a calm, confident, clear-headed, and fresh perspective. All members should be able to speak, be heard, and fully participate, while the group makes concrete steps to accomplish goals in a time-efficient manner.

Our facilitators work as process managers, working with you to design the right type of meeting for your group, your goals, and your space as well as the tools your group may need to keep the meeting on track and productive. 

About Our Meeting and Retreat Facilitation Services

Ultimately, our meeting and retreat facilitation services are tailored to meet the needs of each specific group we encounter. A few examples of group settings where our services might prove a useful tool include:

  • Meeting and Retreat FacilitationA Board Retreat – process design services, facilitation, and a“next-
    steps” document to support you in carrying out your plans
  • Community Group Meetings for groups such as homeowner’s associations, co-ops, co-housing communities, neighborhood associations, and other community groups
  • Business or Organization Staff Events including retreats, planning meetings, or conflict resolution (Note: A 15 percent discount is available to small 501(c)3 community benefit nonprofits in WNC.)
  • Other group conflict resolution (may be appropriate for groups of all sizes)

For more information about our meeting and retreat facilitation services, please contact training@mediatewnc.org. We look forward to learning about the needs of your group and to explore the ways that The Mediation Center might be able to help.