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Meeting and Retreat Facilitation


Whether you need a facilitator and process-designer for your board retreat, or a moderator/facilitator for a heated community meeting, we can help.   Having a calm, confident, and clear-headed outside facilitator allows all members of your group to fully participate in the meeting and stay on track with your goals.

The Mediation Center’s facilitators have years’ of experience balancing the voices in the room, ensuring that the groups’ goals are met in the time allotted, handling conflict on the spot, and keeping your group energized, engaged, and on track.  Facilitators are process managers who can work with you to design the right kind of meeting for your group, your goals, and your space – and then keep that meeting on track and productive.

  • Board retreat facilitation, including process design and a “next-steps” document to support you in carrying out your plans
  • Moderation/facilitation for meetings of homeowners associations, co-ops, co-housing communities, neighborhood associations, and other community groups
  • Facilitation and process design for staff retreats, planning meetings, and meetings to resolve conflicts.
  • Conflict resolution for groups large and small

Please contact training@mediatewnc.org so that we can learn more about your needs.  A 15% discount is available to small 501(c)3 community benefit nonprofits in WNC.